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International Curriculum

We believe the main goal of a teacher is to help students develop a passion for their subject. Learning is creating, so our students learn by experimenting and asking questions, by leading investigations in the quest for knowledge. In this way we create the magic of passion, involvement and curiosity that characterizes all our lessons, which will accompany our students in their future learning.

We promote an innovative educational programme:

  • International Curriculum + Programma Ministeriale Italiano
  • Academic continuity from 1 to 14 years old to obtain Cambridge International certifications
  • Cross-curricular programme based on Units of Inquiry
  • Interactive programme founded on individual and group research that overcome the traditional top down teaching method
  • A rich programme #beyondbooks in order to nurture a life-long learning attitude
  • Coding, Emotional Intelligence, Sustainability & SDGs, Financial education, Journalism, visiting Experts from various fields, to meet the Gen Z new needs
  • Student centered activities, trial & error culture as an improvement opportunity, in order to empower self-confidence and happiness.


We recommend that you visit our school to discover the unique atmosphere of English Gate School. We look forward to welcoming you to our bright, spacious campus. We strongly believe that knowledge should be shared and be made available to everyone. We have therefore created the English Gate School ‘Open Source’ curriculum which combines key aspects of the most advanced international educational methodologies to create our own unique approach.


Our mission is to offer all our students the best start on their educational journey by providing them with a welcoming, stimulating atmosphere based on their learning and emotional needs, from nursery to middle school. In a safe and inclusive educational environment, students feel understood and involved and thus develop a true and lasting love for learning, discovery and success.

Our students learn to love the topics they study

New frontiers of education:

  • because the students are an active part of the learning process 
  • because the topics are shared in an engaging and stimulating way
  • because learning is fun



We believe in a holistic teaching approach, which focuses not only on academic subjects but also on the development of all intelligences to discover a child’s potential talents. We foster interests in creativity, sport and technology which become enjoyable pastimes for our students.


10 extracurricular clubs to stimulate creativity and emotional intelligence.
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#Oltreilibri extracurricular club - English Gate School
Extra Curricular opportunities: Coaching - English Gate School


7 different sports to develop physical skills and team play.


Scratch Coding, Film making and Web design to become familiar with the future.

Pre & After school

Our pre-school service is available from 8 a.m. and our after-school service until 6 p.m.

These are moments when the children are engaged in group, creative and relaxing activities.