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Opening up a world of education PRIMARY 6-11 YEARS
La nostra scuola primaria internazionale - English Gate School
Opening up a world of education PRIMARY 6-11 YEARS
Opening up a world of education PRIMARY 6-11 YEARS
Percorsi extra curriculari - English Gate School


Our international primary school follows a broad and balanced study programme based on the International Curriculum of Studies and the Italian Ministerial Programme. Students achieve a perfect level of bilingualism, guaranteeing excellent standards in English at an international level and in Italian according to the Italian Ministerial Programme. We believe that it is the union of these two educational excellences that creates the added value for our students: an international programme combined with precious Italian culture. Our entire programme enriches children’s learning experiences and provides them with the academic, social, linguistic and technological tools necessary for both their present and their future lives. Not only that, our educational approach favors learning from the student’s perspective by offering lessons, activities and an educational programme which promotes involvement, curiosity and participation. The child plays an active part in their development and learns more and more thanks to investigative activities and a critical mind, in both independent and group study. Our goal is to foster lifelong learning.

According to international programme standards, our pupils are periodically assessed as they would be in UK schools to monitor their progress.

The students reach the same written and spoken Italian objectives as they would do in Italian schools in keeping with the Italian ministerial programme.

Children have specialized teachers for Coding (IT), P.E. and music.

We very much promote creativity and experimentation in pupils of this age group when children begin to acquire a greater awareness of their own aptitudes, talents and passions, stimulating all intelligences.

Bambino che studia usando un tablet - scuola primaria bilingue - English Gate School

Talented and English mother tongue teachers

Bambino con una insegnante madrelingua inglese - English Gate School

The staff at English Gate School’s is made up of an international community of highly qualified teachers with teaching experience in international schools around the world.

The staff work closely and in groups to create a happy, attentive, stimulating and proactive environment for students. As part of our teaching approach, teachers work in teams in cross-curricular mode, offering holistic and multi-disciplinary learning based on research and the acquisition of skills.

Children are given the opportunity to take part in educational visits linked to the topics they study during the year.

From visits to art galleries, theaters and museums to white weeks, these visits transform learning and discovery into a unique and unforgettable experience. We naturally have expectations and set standards for our pupils to achieve, but what matters most to us is that the children are happy, enthusiastic, motivated and positive.

Some wonderful moments together


Co-curricular & extra-curricular courses

The school also offers teachers specializing in music and physical education, swimming and acting, creativity clubs, visits to museums and theaters, excursions and extra-curricular activities.

Find out more about our extra curricular .learning opportunities.

We have created a programme full of additional creative, technological and sporting activities – which allow our students to experience new learning horizons and satisfy their curiosity, discovering new talents and passions.


Curricular courses during school hours:
Golf, Karate, Volleyball, Basketball,


Extra-Curricular Courses during school hours:
Yoga, Dance & Drama, Cooking, Art & Craft, Mindfulness & Gardening


Extra-Curricular Courses during school hours:
Movie Making, Photography,

Pre and After School


Our  pre-school service is available from 8:00 am and our after-school service until 6:00 pm.

During these moments the children are engaged in creative and relaxing group activities entirely in English.

Bambina che legge - Pre e dopo scuola - English Gate School

School bus service

Today it is possible to offer your child an international future and the distance from your home is no longer a limit!

English Gate School provides a school BUS service with Door2Door option that now covers many routes.

School bus service - English Gate School
School bus service: Map - English Gate School
Door2Door school bus service - English Gate School


The journey to Cantù is no longer a problem, many of our families live more than 20km from the school.