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News: Halloween - English Gate School


EGS organizes a fun Halloween Party every year for all its students. Dressing up, trick or treating and a themed menu are the strong ingredients of this thrilling party.

News: Charity Event - English Gate School

Charity Event

EGS is sensitive to the needs of the community; hence its commitment to charity. Every year our school dedicates itself to helping others. It chooses an institution (nursing homes, children's hospital etc) to donate hampers, games and books but above all the smile and kindness of our pupils. We strongly believe that helping is an extraordinary source of learning and emotional enrichment.

News: Sports Day - English Gate School

Sports Day

Every year EGS organizes a day entirely dedicated to Sport. Fun, challenge, healthy competition and collaboration are the aims of this important initiative. EGS cares a lot about sport as a way of life. Through physical activity, the students feel they belong to a team, discovering new worlds together.

News: Sailing - English Gate School


Learning to discover and respect nature. Our Sailing week experience is a great adventure. Being at the port, exploring the Optimists, explaining how to sail, provides the students with a great sense of freedom as well as teaching them how important teamwork is. Sailing enhances student relationships and fosters a love for nature.

News: Book day - English Gate School

Book Day

In our school we promote reading habits for the students to read out of curiosity, to discover new places, to find new information, to face the challenges of the world with clarity, to relax and to travel using their imagination. EGS dedicates time to reading every day and organizes numerous Book Days throughout the year. These initiatives are also open to families: parents and students where they can consult new books, read them and buy them while also contributing to the school library.

News: Graduation - English Gate School


The end of a course of study is indelibly imprinted in anyone's memory, a cycle that ends while another awaits us with open arms. Every year EGS celebrates the transition to the next grade with its students. Graduation for us is synonymous with personal growth, overcoming challenges, awareness of being ready for the new school year. Graduation therefore does not mean a point of arrival but a point of departure on the journey to new life experiences.

News: Golf - English Gate School


EGS collaborates with the Italian Golf Academy at the Carimate Golf Club providing a Golf school for our students. Our students are passionate about this sports experience which helps develop concentration, discipline and precision as well as proving immense pleasure from being surrounded by nature. Lessons are organized and designed according to age groups to give all students adequate preparation. We are very proud of our students who have won several trophies over the years!

News: Christmas Show - English Gate School

Christmas Show

The Christmas Show is the event of the year; the one that punctually excites everyone, students, parents and teachers. The students bring their best acting, music and dance skills to the stage of the San Teodoro theater, to share a moment of true joy with their families and friends. Just wait for the curtain to open ...

News: Ski Week - English Gate School

Ski Week

Every year all Primary and Middle School students gather at high altitude for the long-awaited Ski Week. In addition to ski lessons with the Ski Club instructors, there are breathtaking landscapes, delicious lunches, bob sledging, dinner and evening parties in the hotel for everyone to enjoy.