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Opening up a world of education MIDDLE 11-14 YEARS Opening up a world of education MIDDLE 11-14 YEARS Opening up a world of education MIDDLE 11-14 YEARS



Our International Middle School follows a broad and balanced curriculum based on the International Curriculum.

The entire programme enriches the students’ learning experience and provides them with the academic, social, linguistic and technological skills they need both for their present and future lives. Students reach very high levels of proficiency in English and Italian and study German as a third curricular language. Students are assessed according to UK school standards, preparing them in the best way for their future high school.

Our middle school programme is International and Paritaria

English Gate School values a bilingual education and believes in the richness offered by a blend of Anglo-Saxon culture combined with precious Italian culture.

This benefits both academic programmes where students learn to write and speak correctly in both languages. They also reach an excellent level of mathematical skills and logical reasoning, acquiring the notions underpinning the main academic subjects and reaching the standards required by both the International Curriculum and those of the Italian Ministry of Education.

Our academic philosophy promotes a broad and ever-evolving programme, which goes #beyondbooks, offering students new and important subjects that nuture their physical, emotional and creative development, preparing them for the future.

Student studying with a tablet - Bilingual Middle School - English Gate School

For this reason our Middle School programme is enriched with courses and teachers specialized in Coding (IT), P.E., Mindfulness and Music. Each class also has the opportunity to work on art and science projects throughout the year with specialized teachers.

Talented Italian and English Mother Tongue teachers

English-Italian mother tongue teachers - Bilingual middle school - English Gate School

English Gate School staff is made up of an international community of highly qualified teachers with teaching experience from international schools around the world.

The staff work closely and in groups to create a happy, attentive, stimulating and proactive environment for the students.

As part of our teaching approach, teachers often work together to investigate cross-curricular topics for inquiry, enabling the students to study subjects in a holistic and multi-disciplinary fashion from a flexible and broadminded perspective.

To add to the school’s drive to promote critical thinking and inquiry learning, the school organises educational visits linked to the topics the students study during the year. From visits to art galleries, theaters and museums, to white weeks, these visits transform learning and discovery into a unique and unforgettable experience. In addition, we also have professionals available to hold seminars and clubs for our students.

Some wonderful moments together


Extra curricular clubs

The school also offers teachers specializing in music and physical education, swimming and acting, creativity clubs, visits to museums and theaters, excursions and extra-curricular activities.

Find out more about our extra curricular offer.

We have created a programme full of extra creative, technological and sporting activities – which allow our students to experience new learning horizons and satisfy their curiosity, discovering new talents and passions.


Curricular Courses during school hours:
Golf, Karate, Volleyball, Basketball,


Extra-Curricular Courses during school hours:
Yoga, Dance & Drama, Cooking, Art & Craft, Mindfulness & Gardening


Extra-Curricular Courses during school hours:
Movie Making, Photography,

Pre & After School

Our pre-school service is available from 8:00 am and the after-school service until 6:00 pm. During this time, the children are engaged in creative and relaxing group activities entirely in English.

Pre and After School - International Middle School - English Gate School

School bus service

Today it is possible to offer your child an international future and the distance from your home is no longer a limit!

English Gate School provides a school BUS service with Door2Door option that now covers many routes.

School bus service - English Gate School
School bus service: Map - English Gate School
Door2Door school bus service - English Gate School


The journey to Cantù is no longer a problem, many of our families live more than 20km from the school.