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We are pleased to present the English Gate School Contract programme designed for companies interested in offering school education as a corporate welfare tool.

Today, the corporate welfare services offered and requested by employees are undergoing an important expansion, representing a real corporate performance philosophy which embraces the belief that taking care of the well-being and satisfaction of its employees leads to an increase in productivity and success in projects.

As a school we are directly and increasingly involved, as school education is among the top five benefits requested by employees in Italy.

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Contract Programme for companies:



International school enrollment package - International Curriculum + Italian Ministerial Programme, scuola paritaria - for children aged 1 to 14 (from kindergarten to middle school)

Summer Camp

Summer Camp package in English in June and July of each year, for children and teenagers from 3 to 18 years. We have a wide variety of summer camp activities including: homework help at the Carimate Park Golf Course, an offsite Adventure Camp at different locations near the school, and a Recreational and Sports Camp at the school in Cantù.

Additional Courses

Supplementary afternoon course package at the school in Cantù, for children, teenagers and adults to support students with their English language improvement using proven methods with trained and qualified mother tongue teachers.

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School bus service

Today it is possible to offer your child an international future and the distance from your home is no longer a limit!

English Gate School provides a school BUS service with Door2Door option which now covers many routes.

School bus service - English Gate School
School bus service: Map - English Gate School
Door2Door school bus service - English Gate School


The journey to Cantù is no longer a problem, many of our families live more than 20km from the school.