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We are always delighted to welcome new students to English Gate School. Most students join our school in September, but we are happy to admit students throughout the school year where places are available.


What are the first steps you need to take?


Would you like to register? Here’s what you need to know:



We aim to make the admission process as smooth as possible which is why we always like to start from the needs of the family and children who contact us by writing to or calling +39 031 4896941


If a family wishes to proceed with enrollment, the aspiring English Gate student can undergo a preliminary test to verify their language skills and where necessary, a personalized EAL / IAL support program will be designed to bring the student up to the required level. (Grade 2 & up)


At this point we will be happy to have you fill out the registration form and we will keep a place for your child until the start of the new school year.

Would you like to know the school fees?

School bus service

Today it is possible to offer your child an international future and the distance from your home is no longer a limit!

English Gate School provides a school BUS service with Door2Door option which now covers many routes.

School bus service - English Gate School
School bus service: Map - English Gate School
Door2Door school bus service - English Gate School

The journey to Cantù is no longer a problem, many of our families live more than 20km away from the school.


While we’re waiting to meet you, let’s start by answering the most frequently asked questions

These are the questions that families who are interested in our school ask us most frequently, excluding those relating to our educational program that we reserve to discuss when we meet.