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English Gate School in Cantù is a private international school dedicated to children and teenagers from 1 to 13 years old and includes nursery, kindergarten, elementary and middle school.

We offer a programme which is based on the International Curriculum and which also incorporates the Italian Ministerial Programme to guarantee a truly bilingual and international education which enhances a knowledge of Italian language and culture.

English Gate School was founded in 2010 and has been an excellence in the educational fields of Cantù and Como for over 10 years. We have accompanied over 300 students on their school path and are delighted to have built over the years a solid international community of families and teachers.

We are characterized by an international educational programme with accredited ‘parità’ status meaning we are recognised as an Italian school by the Italian Ministry of Education. This allows us to guarantee our students perfect bilingualism through two exceptional cultures: the Anglo-Saxon one and the precious Italian culture.

Since its foundation in 2010, English Gate School has grown and become accredited alongside the main schools in the provinces of Milan, welcoming students from Monza, Como, Saronno, Lecco and Switzerland, and at the same time also attracting qualified mother tongue teachers from all over. the world, guaranteeing the highest teaching standards. The school also promotes individual interests in coding, music, art, languages, sport and theater, thanks to the technology and resources provided by the school and to carefully selected and qualified teachers.

Although the school firmly believes in the importance
of traditional values, we commit ourselves daily to preparing students with a careful eye to the future.

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Improving life through education is our passion and our mission. Our very name tells of how English Gate has the mission of “opening doors” for its students by offering them what is best and most current in the field of education, thanks to an international, multidisciplinary path.

English Gate’s approach is oriented towards creativity, innovation and a vision of the future with particular attention to the development of emotional intelligence and self-confidence.


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English Gate School is aimed at parents who are looking for the best possible education for their children and who wish to raise them as bilingual starting from kindergarten up to secondary school, with the option of joining the school at any stage; at parents who value an innovative and stimulating environment based on the love for teaching of our international community of teachers and on the love for learning of our students.

We recommend that you visit our school to discover the unique atmosphere of English Gate School. We look forward to welcoming you to our bright, spacious campus.



Choosing an international education offers many advantages, but it is a decision that raises many questions and doubts. For this reason we invite you to watch this video in which a dad from our community explains how he came about making this choice and answers some questions common to many parents.

An international path offers your child perfect bilingualism starting from kindergarten to middle school. Students are exposed to an international community and programme, while reaping the benefits of the knowledge of the Italian culture and the Italian ministerial programme, as English Gate School is an accredited school with ‘parità’ (equal) status.

This allows us to develop a broader world view, capable of welcoming differences and perceiving the world as a single large place to be explored and known and not divided between cultures and nations. We make the whole world available to our children from an early age, multiplying their opportunities for future professions.

English Gate School is even more special because it guarantees an international course in English and allows students to achieve perfect bilingualism without renouncing the Italian ministerial program which is also recognized as an excellent educational path, even at an international level.

There are also individual sessions for children who are not native speakers. Children have specialized teachers for Coding (IT), P.E. and music. Each class also has the opportunity to work on artistic projects throughout the year with teachers
of art.

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We strongly promote creativity and experimentation in this age group in which children begin to acquire a greater awareness of their own aptitudes, talents and passions, stimulating all intelligences.

To learn more about the English Gate School ‘Open Source’ teaching method, go to this section of the site.

If you have any questions, as we’re sure you do, please contact us to arrange an individual interview and in the meantime also go to the section of our site dedicated to the most frequently asked questions. (FAQs)




Over 300 students spanning 10 years. 35% of our students are from multicultural families.