Our Middle School fol­lows a broad and bal­anced cur­riculum with the Brit­ish Na­tional Cur­riculum and the Programma Ministeriale as its core.

Most im­port­antly, the whole pro­gramme en­riches the student’s learn­ing ex­per­i­ences and provides them, with the aca­demic, so­cial, lin­guistic and tech­no­lo­gical tools ne­ces­sary for both their present and future.

The students are periodically as­sessed us­ing tests as used in Brit­ish schools.

Italian Literacy is taught to pu­pils throughout the Middle years. Their level of written and spoken Italian as well as Mathematics and other main subjects is as­sessed as used in Italian schools in order to guarantee an optimized understanding and preparation in both languages.

Individual sessions are provided for non-nat­ive speak­ers.

The students have spe­cial­ist teach­ers for Coding (IT), P.E., Mindfulness and Mu­sic.

Each class also has the op­por­tun­ity to work on Art and Science pro­jects dur­ing the year with spe­cial­ist teach­ers.

The staff in English Gate School are highly com­pet­ent, qual­i­fied teach­ers with ex­per­i­ence of teach­ing in the U.K. and Italy. The staff work closely to­gether as a team to cre­ate a pos­it­ive, caring but stimulating and pur­pose­ful en­vir­on­ment for the students.

There are clear ex­pect­a­tions and standards for the students but the em­phasis is on be­ing happy, en­thu­si­astic, mo­tiv­ated and there­fore suc­cess­ful.

Our students have the op­por­tun­ity to go on edu­ca­tional vis­its, linked to the top­ics they study­ dur­ing the year. These vis­its in­clude trips to art gal­ler­ies, theatres and mu­seums, mak­ing the student’s learn­ing ex­per­i­ence unique and unforgettable. We also have specialists provid­ing work­shops/clubs for the students.



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