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Extra Curricular Programme

English Gate provid­es an extremely rich Extra Curricular programme that is greatly appreciated by both the students and their families . It includes  sportsartsmu­sic and a wide variety of learn­ing activ­it­ies for our pu­pils.

Ex­tra Cur­ricular activ­it­ies help chil­dren de­velop so­ciallyemo­tion­allyphys­ic­ally and aca­dem­ic­ally.
They in­crease pu­pils’ con­fid­ence levels and teach them re­spons­ib­il­ity and dis­cip­line as the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Ini­tially they provide chil­dren with a ‘taste’ of an activ­ity/sport linked to their in­terests ,they then move on to fine tune their skills which subsequently can go on to de­velop into hob­bies. These hob­bies in turn can pave the way for their fu­ture goals, dreams, activ­it­ies and in some cases, ca­reers.

Ex­tra cur­ricular activ­it­ies take place from Monday to Fri­day, at dif­fer­ent times (dur­ing lunch break, after school and some afternoons) from October to May.

They are di­vided into Off Cam­pus (or­gan­ised in dif­fer­ent loc­a­tions) and On Cam­pus activ­it­ies (or­gan­ised within the school premises).


Our children can choose from: