• Date created

    15 March 2018

Scratch Coding
The structure of the Coding Class

Scratch is a free programming environment, with a graphic programming language. This language, inspired by the constructionist theory of learning and designed for teaching programming through visual primitives, is suitable for students, teachers and parents and can be used for pedagogical and entertainment projects ranging from mathematics to science, allowing the realization of simulations, visualization of experiments, animations,
music, interactive art and simple games.


Scratch provides an object-oriented approach (called Sprite) and a programming language that allows interactive stories, games, animations, art and music to be processed. It also allows the students to share projects with other web users.

The idea of ​​this language is that even children or inexperienced people in programming languages ​​can learn important concepts of mathematical calculation, think systematically and creatively and work in groups.
Scratch is characterized by building blocks (graphic blocks) created to adapt to each other, but only if inserted in correct succession: this is the only way to avoid inaccuracies in the syntax.

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