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    1 Marzo 2018

Karate Class

At every year, our students partecipate in various sports and activities and Karate is one of the mostly attended. It is taught on a weekly basis in Grade 2 and 3 in Primary School. Our students love this activity and the instructors from the Kenbukai Martial Arts School.

The benefits of karate In recent years, traditional Karate has had a wide spread among young people.
There are numerous benefits also at the physical level, in fact with karate aerobic and anaerobic exercises are practiced, both the upper limbs and the lower limbs, the right and the left are used, improving the balance because, during practice the attention is constantly focused on keeping the spine erect, thus strengthening the dorsal and abdominal muscles, seeking the symmetrical movement of the whole body, thus avoiding bad posture habits.
Furthermore, by practicing this discipline, there will be an increase and the relative maintenance of strength, speed, elasticity, dexterity and joint mobility, with the passage of time it will be possible to obtain a slowing of the physiological decline.
Karate also affects health, in fact it produces an improvement in the functions of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, also enhancing the immune system.
Karate is therefore a valid method for the balanced growth of young people, helping them to know themselves better.
All this is possible thanks to the figure of the Master and the relationship that will be created with the student during the practice, with a constant and precise training, accompanying him in his personal growth

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