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    7 Maggio 2018

Why have we chosen Golf?
Golf is Wellness

What most identifies the life of the modern era is the concept of well-being linked to health and therefore to a good physical shape. People are increasingly oriented towards the search for quality of life and their choices, in every area, are conditioned by the desire to feel good. Sport is undoubtedly one of the most healthy and loved activities that allows to achieve these goals. Thanks to its psycho-physical benefits, GOLF is experiencing a period of great development finally also in Italy.
Many, mistakenly consider it as a static discipline, therefore suitable for elderly people; GOLF is to be considered a sport to all effects, perfectly customizable to people of all ages. It’s great athletic components make GOLF ideal for young people, while for its enormous cardiovascular benefits, it is also suitable for older players.

To play golf means first of all to perform a difficult movement with the bat (the "swing") which requires great coordination, flexibility and strength to hit, and to throw a small ball at great distances and with maximum precision. It also means taking long walks of 4 and more hours, on wonderful routes that allow the player to rediscover a more intimate contact with nature, receiving a beneficial effect for health and mind. To play good golf is therefore important a good physical preparation, essential to perform precise and powerful.
Golf, constantly practiced, contributes positively to the health of the individual. It is shown that an 18-hole course engages the player's cardio-circulatory system, raising its heart rate to the aerobic threshold, ideal level for fat consumption. Golf contributes to longer life!

Golf helps you know yourself, your character, your imagination in performing the various shots and in managing the different situations on the course. The great coordination,

necessary in the gesture employs, all the muscles of the body, many of which, probably,
unknown to most!

Finally, golf is a wonderful sport that teaches children good behavior, respect for the rules of the game, for the adversary and for nature, and helps adults find good physical shape thanks to an activity carried out in a high quality environment.

What do our Students Learn at the GOLF CLUB?

Our Golf Club is organized at every year in collaboration with the Italian Golf Academy, with the aim of creating familiarity with this sport since the Early Years.
In the first months of the Club, the students learn the GRIP, the SET UP, the ADDRESS, practicing the pitch and cip in the field and for the short game, the putter on the putting green. The students, while playing/practicing learn and the rules of the good behavior in and out of the course.
The students will practice in the field learning the ALIGNMENT and the difficulties deriving from a shot that is not perfectly flat. They will also deal with the first rules of the game as the STARTING AREA, the DIVOT, leveling the BUNKERS and repairing the PITCH MARKS. At this stage the students will begin to understand and evaluate the different distances, choosing the correct iron to play with. In the end, we will learn the meaning of ,the penalty shots, enjoying the nature and the fresh air.

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