Admission Information

Ad­mis­sion to the School at all levels is sub­ject to an in­ter­view with the par­ents of the pro­spect­ive stu­dent. It is ad­vised that par­ents en­roll their chil­dren to English Gate start­ing from 1-2 years old in or­der to guar­an­tee their place in the school in the fol­low­ing years, where there is a wait­ing list. From six years old up­wards pu­pils are re­quired to pass an As­sess­ment Test.

The Ad­mis­sion Pro­ced­ure is as fol­lows:
1. Par­ents are kindly asked to com­plete the School Visit In­form­a­tion Form
2. The School Visit In­form­a­tion Form, as well as the parents’ ID Cards should be sent to the school by e-mail to
3. Par­ents are also asked to send a copy of their child’s most re­cent school re­port if they have already at­ten­ded a school
4. Par­ents will re­ceive an e-mail to ar­range a school visit
5. From Primary Year 2 up­wards, after the ini­tial visit, par­ents in­ter­ested in en­rolling their child must re­gister them for an as­sess­ment test which in­volves pay­ment of a 300 euro non-re­fund­able fee
6. The school will com­mu­nic­ate the test res­ult to par­ents and of­fer places ac­cord­ingly
7. When the school of­fers a place, par­ents will be asked to sign the en­rol­ment and school reg­u­la­tion form, a copy of which will be given to par­ents at the school visit

For fur­ther in­form­a­tion call +39 031 4896941 or e-mail